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We’re Hosting the World Leadership Conference in 2018 – Here’s What You Need to Know

We are excited to be your Conference Chairs as IWF Florida hosts the World Leadership Conference in Miami October 24-26, 2018.   As the Host Forum, we have the opportunity to engage all of our members and connect broadly with the global IWF family and spotlight South Florida and all it has to offer.  

IWF & Host Forum Roles & Responsibilities

Program Development.  IWF National is responsible for developing the program content for the plenary sessions, luncheon programs and the break-out sessions. We hope to be able to provide the theme and some content information by our January dine-around.

As the Host Forum  we are responsible for:

 1) the Opening Reception;

2) behind-the-scenes (BTS) selections and creating BTS programs that give participants the best inside view of the city;

3) Dine Arounds

4) Gala

5) fundraising

Our Steering Committee has been hard at work over the last several months but there is much more work to do.

Opening Reception – (Chairs, Maria Alonso and Wendy Kallergis) – the opening reception location is secured it will be at the PAMM on Wednesday October 24, 2018 from 6:30-8:30pm.  The Opening Reception Committee is still working on logistics and talent.  Send all suggestions to make this event special to Wendy (wkallergis@gmail.com) or Maria (alonsom@unitedwaymiami.org).

Behind the Scenes – (Chair Debi Hoffman and “sidekick” Aura Reinhardt) “Behind the Scenes” experiences will occur Thursday afternoon (October 25, 2018) of the conference. The participants are bused to these BTS activities from the conference hotel location. BTS venues are selected to give participants an inside view of the city, from a cultural, business, artistic and historical standpoint.  Conference registrants receive information about all BTS adventures available, and they select which one they would like to attend. Many  Florida Forum members have already been involved in designing BTS activities which will showcase Miami through interesting and enriching programs. During this past season the committee met to suggest, review, discuss, and propose venues for potential BTS’s. Currently, they are working with the heads of the institutions or organizations which we will visit as a BTS – to mutually develop content, select presenters, and in other ways fulfill the mission of creating a memorable one and one-half hour visit. There are a few proposed venues that still need a FL Forum member to be the lead. We also need FL Forum volunteers to co-host a BTS on the day of the event.  If you are interested in helping please reach out to our BTS Chair -Debi Hoffman :305-858-7298 (land line); text: 305-509-2273; or email:DebiHoff@aol.com

Dine-Around Chair – (Chairs Emily Berlin and Dorothy Eisenberg) Working with the IWF staff, we are responsible for securing homes to accommodate private dinners during the Thursday night of the conference. This event is for members only and its success is due to the intimate networking environment created at the hostesses’ homes.  To facilitate a networking atmosphere, the dinner parties should be 10-15 people each and preferably no more than 20 people in one home. Emily and Dorothy are  recruiting members who live within a 30-minute travel distance from the hotel to serve as dine around hostesses.  Emily and Dorothy are hard at work to confirm 60 Dine-arounds.  To date, they have secured approximately half.  We need your help.  If you have a location and you can host a dine around (in close proximity to downtown)  please contact Emily (emilyberlin8@gmail.com) and Dorothy (dse@gprco-cpa.com).  If you do not have a location you can still help.  We are looking for hostesses to host dine-arounds at locations we secure.  Please also contact Emily and Dorothy if you can hostess.  We especially hope to include our Palm Beach sisters so contact Emily and Dorothy soon.  

Guest- Dine Around – (Chair Jane Wooldridge) We also put on a guest dine-around for non-IWF members who attend the Conference.  Jane Wooldridge (Jwooldridge@miamiherald.com) is chairing and accepting ideas for a fabulous dinner event for the member guest and speakers attending conference that show cases Miami near the JW Marriott Marquis.

Development Chair(s). Chairs Sara Herald and Sue Romano). Our Development Chairs Sue Romano (sue@cxcinc.com) and Sara Herald (sbherald@gmail.com) are working with the IWF staff, to secure the fundraising to support the conference. World Leadership Conference hosts are required to raise a minimum of US$250,000 to support the conference budget.  Our Goal is to raise $350,000+ to enable us to have the Miami Talent participation that will be our “special sauce” to make the Miami Conference memorable.  We have already secured approximately $135,000 toward that goal but we need your help to reach our goal of $350,000.  If you or your company have not already committed or you have potential leads please reach out to Sue or Sara as soon as possible.

Hospitality/Gift Bag Chair(s).  Danet Linares (Danet.linares@blancacre.com) is working on talent for all aspects of the Conference send your suggestions to Danet.

Gift Bags: Alyce  Robertson (robertson@miamidda.com) is taking the lead on our welcome bags send suggestions or join her committee to make the welcome bags special. 

Gala Chair(s) (Honorary).  The Honorary Gala Chair is Donna Shalala.  The Gala will be held at the host hotel the JW Marriott Marquis.  Florencia Tabeni and Florencia Rotemberg are Chairing the Gala Committee.  The Gala is a black tie dinner that includes a ceremony inducting two to three outstanding women into the International Hall of Fame. The Gala program is the purview of the IWF and falls upon IWF to develop with input from the Host Forum’s Confer­ence Chair(s). IWF has not selected honorees yet so send us suggestions. 

Other Committee Members: 

Community Liaison – Alina Hudak, Daniela Levine Cava

Airport – Loretta McNair

Side Trip Everglades – Grace Shafir-Reiss


We look forward to 100% participation, so please let us know how you would like to be involved.

Melanie and Lucy