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President’s Update – January 2018

Dear Friends,

Here’s wishing you a new year full of promise, purpose and satisfaction.

It’s going to be quite a year for our forum. Our World Conference is coming up, and many of us have been engaged in ensuring its success. In fact, under the leadership of Melanie Damian, Lucy Morillo-Agnetti, Debi Hoffman and so many others, I believe we’ll set a new standard for IWF conferences. Kudos and thanks to everyone for your continuing efforts.

Last week I saw The Post with the indomitable Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham, the publisher of The Washington Post, facing the grave decision over whether to publish the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War. The movie was perfect for our times — not only the theme of the tension between a president and a free press, but also from the standpoint of a woman’s brave and steadfast leadership. Katharine Graham found herself the publisher of an important newspaper at a time early in the second wave of feminism — when women just didn’t hold such powerful positions. She was constantly in rooms full of white men who didn’t necessarily consider her their peer. She not only had to convince them, she needed to overcome her upbringing and convince herself as well. In doing so, she made history.

Here’s to pioneers like Katharine Graham, on whose shoulders we stand.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next IWF event!

Warm regards,

katy sorenson